11:00am Newton English Worship (3/22/2020)


To prepare for worshiping online together, we offer the following thoughts:

  • Prepare your heart. Get everything set up a few minutes early so that you can prepare your heart to worship through expectant prayer. Be thankful for the brothers and sisters that came together this past week to pull off four online worship services and praise God for the privilege to be able to worship.
  • Prepare the physical space: clear away any clutter or distractions.
  • Prepare your device: if you are joining the service on your computer, turn off notifications. If you are joining in on your mobile device, activate “do not disturb.” Don’t let a stray text message interrupt or take away from your worshiping the Lord with other brothers and sisters.
  • Worship is about engagement, not entertainment. Worship at home however you would worship at the physical church.
  • Have your Bible ready, along with something to take notes. Bring a humble heart eager to hear from the Lord.
  • We will have time to worship the Lord through offering and the giving of our gifts. If you have not set up online giving, consider doing so as the Spirit leads.
  • Come together with your household. If there are others in your household who plan to join in for worship, consider coming together to worship in front of the same screen. Get ready to praise God, hear God’s word, and experience the Holy Spirit together.
  • Welcome
  • Call to Worship
  • Opening Prayer
  • Hymn or Song of Praise
  • Scripture Reading
  • Message
  • Closing Song
  • Updates
  • Benediction

Online Giving


To continue giving to the church, please consider signing up for online giving here.

To expedite and secure the delivery of church offerings to BCEC, a PO Box in the Newtonville branch of the Post Office has been set up. Effective immediately, church offering checks (no cash please) should be mailed to the following address:

PO Box 600790
Newton, MA 02460

Dear BCEC Parents,
In addition to joining the online worship, you can also worship with your child at home. We will be putting resources on this page each week to help your family worship experience. Your child can use this page from their computer or tablet to worship.

Family worship is as simple as gathering the whole family to:

  • SING praises to our God through online videos
  • READ/LISTEN to the Lesson – Read the passage and follow along the lesson video.
  • PRAY – Follow the prayer guide outlined in the lesson section.