Music is an essential part of worship and outreach. Below are some of the sample from our music ministries.

音樂是崇拜和外展的重要成分。 以下是我們音樂事工的一些短片。

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Music Programs at BCEC

To extend our outreach and enrichment for the children in our church and community, BCEC has started two new music programs for children. Both programs hold rehearsals on Sundays between 2-4pm at 120 Shawmut Ave.

為了擴展我們在社區中的兒童福音及教育⼯作,波⼠頓華⼈佈道 會開始為兒童舉辦兩項有關音樂的項目,這兩個項目在逢星期日下午2 時⾄4 時在120 所勿街舉⾏。

New Song Children Choir

We aim to help children discover their gift in music through singing and accept students from ages 6-12. Though this is an outreach program, we encourage children within BCEC to participate, not only to learn to sing, but to also build friendships with children outside our church community.


波⼠頓華⼈佈道會組織這合唱團,旨在幫助兒童(6 ⾄12 歲的學⽣)通過歌唱發掘自⼰的音樂天份。雖然這是⼀個福音外展事⼯,我們也鼓勵信徒的⼦⼥參加,⼀⽅面學習

Music Ensemble

Many children of BCEC families are blessed with the opportunity and ability to play musical instruments. Ensemble members learn to use their musical gifts to serve in Sunday worship services as well as other church events. Not only do they improve in their playing skills, they also learn to play in chamber settings and help in leading others to worship through music. Intermediate level is required.


他們的音樂才能在教會的崇拜及聚會中。他們不僅可藉事奉把個⼈的演奏技巧提⾼,同時也能在教會環境中學習在⼀個團隊中合奏,帶領別⼈⼀起敬拜。 技巧必需在中級程度或以上。

J2 Music Group

Some of the best music school of the world is right in Boston. Many of the college student attending area music schools are part of our Cantonese college fellowship J2. Below is a sample from the 2nd outreach concert “讓愛留行 Love Goes On 2.0”.