The Board of Deacons (BOD) consists of 13 Deacons of BCEC and is responsible for the administration of the support, maintenance, finance, and staff functions of the various ministries for fulfilling the purpose of BCEC. Each deacon is nominated by the Nomination Committee and elected by BCEC members at the annual meeting to a two-year term with two terms limit. At the first BOD meeting after the annual meeting, the deacons will decide among themselves the appointment of the various BOD positions.


back row (left to right): Samuel Lok, Edward Lau, Jason Cheung, Nelson Wong, Daniel Fong
front row (left to right): Anthony Lai, Rich Su, Andy Lui, Albert Chan, Andy Te, Joyce Lin, Charlotte Lai, Siu Yu


Anthony Lai

Vice Chairman

Andy Te


Andy Lui

Accountant I

Joyce Lin

Accountant II

Albert Chan

Treasurer I

Siu Yu

Treasurer II

Jason Cheung

Information Technology (IT)

Edward Lau

Facilities / Information Technology (IT)

Samuel Lok

General Affair – Chinatown

Daniel Fong

General Affair – Newton

Nelson Wong

Personnel I

Charlotte Lai

Personnel II

Rich Su