Expansion Update – God is Faithful

By Expansion Committee

prayer-walk-120-shawmutGod led BCEC on an incredible journey this summer.  Our church took ownership of 120 Shawmut Avenue during a short two-month period, made offers to acquire Holy Trinity Church, and began the cleanup and preparation of 120 Shawmut Avenue for ministry use.

prayer-walk-120-shawmutAfter taking ownership in June, BCEC immediately applied for Certificate of Occupancy (CofO), which is a necessary step to allow BCEC to utilize the building for church ministry use. During the time of prayer-120this update, the Expansion Committee continues to work with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) to obtain the change of usage of 120 Shawmut Avenue from a nursing home to church use.  Once BCEC receives the approval from the BRA, we will be able to move forward in the process of obtaining the CofO, allowing ministry usage of the facility.

prayer-walk-120-shawmutPRAYER WALK DAY
– On Sunday, June 22nd, over 250 members from all 7 congregations joined the prayer walk in Chinatown and the South End. Groups of 3-4 prayed at different stations for the people in the community.  They prayed for BCEC to effectively use the new building, to continue to be a blessing to the community, and to use the space for His glory.  They prayed for vibrant ministries and outreach opportunities.  As a part of the activities, a VISION wall was set up at 120 Shawmut Avenue.  Members were able to place sticky notes with what they envisioned as ministries to be prayer-walk-htcheld at 120 Shawmut Avenue.

Members also prayed for the purchase of Holy Trinity Church, located next door, as a potential solution that would address the lack of a large worship space at 120 Shawmut Avenue.  Although we were not selected as the buyer in the final round of bidding, we thank God for leading our leadership and members through this process of praying and submitting to His will.  To some, this may seem like an unanswered prayer, but we know that God has a better plan for us.  We are reminded that the path that God leads us on is not always a straight one.  Please continue to pray for the Expansion Committee, as they evaluate options to solve the issue of lack of worship space at 120 Shawmut Avenue.

preparing-120-shawmutpreparing-120-shawmutAs we wait for occupancy permission, we are preparing many aspects of the building before we can move in and use this new facility for our various ministries. Many brothers and sisters, young and old, have dedicated their time to help with cleaning and preparing the space.  Others have donated furniture and helped to move them.

cleaning-120-shawmutWe are excited about what God has in store for us in this new facility.  This isn’t just because we now own a new large building.  In addition, we are excited to see that God has blessed us with an opportunity to continue to serve Him and His people.  We are also excited to see the possible ministries and outreach opportunities this new building will enable us to do.  Furthermore, we are excited to experience God’s faithfulness, as He answers our prayers and continues to shape us to be a light to the community and the world.