Elder Brian Hui


Elder Brian Kai-Yee Hui was raised in Hong Kong and immigrated to the USA in 1972. While at Cornell University, he received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. After graduation, he worked as an engineer at General Electric for thirty-one years until retiring in 2009 to focus on full-time ministry. Since 1978, Elder Brian has served at BCEC in various capacities including the Board of Deacons, Expansion Committee, and Joshua Fellowship. In 2004, he was ordained as Lay Elder and joined the BCEC Pastoral Team to oversee different church ministries. His burden is to equip leaders and encourage believers toward spiritual growth and kingdom expansion. Along with preaching regularly and teaching Sunday School, he hopes to stimulate life change among the congregation. Elder Brian has been married to Karen since 1980; together, they have two children, Kathryn and Kevin. In his free time, he enjoys reading historical/military books, watching classic movies, and listening to Oldies/Chinese music.