BCEC has a number of ministries dedicated to middle-aged adults and seniors. These community groups are spread across two campuses, with fellowships and small groups in Cantonese and Mandarin. To get in touch regarding any fellowship, please inquire at the Welcome Table at church, or contact our staff.

Seniors Ministry in Chinatown Campus

Women’s Fellowship – Cantonese

Serving women of age 40 and older, our fellowship aims to promote mutual caring, love, and service, with an emphasis on the application of God’s Word in all aspects of our lives. On the last Sunday of each month, BCEC’s basement is crowded with more than a hundred during lunch time, a warm and inviting atmosphere of the Women’s Fellowship. Each month we gather together to build better relationships. We sing hymns before each meeting. We also have quarterly birthday parties to celebrate our members’ birthdays. We have our own monthly fellowship publication that includes monthly Bible verses, meditation, prayers, main articles, member witness etc. We welcome brothers (yes, brothers!) and sisters to join and enjoy our fellowship.

When: The last Sunday of each month at 1:30pm
Where: Chinatown Campus – Sanctuary, 249 Harrison Ave.
Contact: Minister Dora Lam

Caleb Fellowship – Cantonese

With the name “Caleb” carrying the meaning of strength in the later years, this fellowship provides our older (70 years old on average) members a forum to encourage, help and love one another, and to grow spiritually in the service of the Lord, even reaching out to the physically infirmed in nursing homes.

When: (May to November) First Thursdays of each month 1pm
Where: Chinatown Campus – Sanctuary, 249 Harrison Ave.
Contact: Minister Dora Lam

Moses Fellowship – Mandarin

Moses Fellowship is a mixed age group of students, young adults, couples with family, to seniors. This is also a big gathering time for Chinatown Mandarin Congregation. We sing hymn, share Bible and testimony, and even play dynamic group game to encourage the intimate relationships across generations. The young generation is encouraged by the seniors’ wisdom and patience in Christ. Seniors are encouraged by the young generations’ energy and passion in Christ.

When: The 2nd Sunday of each month at 12:30pm
Where: Chinatown Campus – 249 Harrison Avenue Multifunction Room
Contact: Pastor Andy Su

Berea Fellowship – Mandarin

Berea Fellowship is led by a group of seniors devoted in the Word of God. They are old in age and young at heart. The deep sharing from the heart and soul was ignited by the depth of love from our Christ. With a heart to outreach, this fellowship also serves in one-on-one discipleship for seekers in all age groups.

When: Every other Thursday at 9:30am
Where: Morville House – 100 Norway Street, Boston (location is off-campus)
Contact: Pastor Andy Su

Seniors Ministry in Newton Campus

Enoch Fellowship – Cantonese

Our fellowship aims to encourage fellowship among brothers and sisters over the age of 55, to share the blessings of the Lord, to practice spiritual disciplines, and to build love and care for one another. For the past few years, our program includes an annual outing, workshops on elderly health and welfare, Bible knowledge, thanksgiving, sharing, and special occasion celebrations.

When: The second Sunday of each month at 11:00am
Where: Newton Campus – Fellowship Hall.
Contact: Pastor Barry Lam